SUBSCRIBE: In lieu of the Toy Story 4 announcement a few weeks back I felt it was necessary to do another 3 way battle comparing the original trilogy. If there is one thing Movie Feuds is known for, it's being redundant. Toy Story 1 is the very unique tale of an old toy coming to terms with rejection. Woody was Andy's go-to friend for many years but when hot-shot Buzz Lightyear enters the mix Woody soon finds strange things happening to him. Lightyear has his own issues to cope with. He doesn't fully realize he's a TOY! An action figure. He’s a child’s plaything! Woody's words, not mine. Eventually the two form a plastic bond and work together to overcome their obstacles. Toy Story 2 and 3 are not quite as original but still manage to pull out some pretty cool takes on the subjects. In 2 we follow Woody as he's toynapped (that's a thing) and put on display with the rest of the Roundup gang. He's stripped of his branded boot and finds out his backstory. The rest of the toys are on a rescue mission to save their missing leader. Toy Story 3 is a great last chapter to the series. Yes, I still consider it the end of a 3-part story. The next film will be a new start with a new owner and more friends. Sunnyside Daycare is where we spend a good amount of the movie at. Woody and friends are mistakenly donated to the facility and have to break out. Lotso and company can't let that happen though. This ends in a very adult sequence where we see the toys almost meet their demise but the claw schtick rears it's head again to save the day. If Toy Story 1 is about acceptance and 2 is about perseverance than 3 would be about moving on. I personally think the first flick has the strongest story and three goes way too dark for my taste both visually and emotionally. Two keeps things fresh but loses a bit of the charm of having Buzz being clueless. Bringing back a second Buzz later on in the film felt forced. There is really no wrong answer in this 3-way Toy Story feud so vote below and give your thoughts on the best of the franchise! FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

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